8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Painting Contractor

Your time is precious, so why not employ a specialized painter for your next project and use it the way you would like?

Hiring a painter contractor is possibly the most important assessment you can make in any home improvement venture. Using an expert painting contractor takes the strain out of painting the exterior or interior of your home and finding the right one guarantees you optimum satisfaction.

Finding a Quality Contractor

A professional painter has all the necessary equipment to get the job done easily and quickly, particularly when dealing with prominent areas. If you have enough money to appoint a painting professional, there is no better way to get job done and get it done correctly.

A paint job won’t develop the look of your home if it looks unethical or if the products used are of inferior quality. An accomplished paint job is only as good as the products used, and it won’t show off well if the area is not prepared properly before application. For this reason, it’s of the greatest importance to do your homework before choosing a painting professional.

Whether you need someone to paint one room or the complete house, it’s crucial to employ a well-talented professional to complete the job.

Ensuring It’s the Right Contractor

When looking for the best painter, you would like to get the answers of these questions before signing a contract:

  1. Do they offer their suggestions and estimation in writing? Is their estimate a set price? Be clear before they begin their work. Understand clearly what you will get for the price you are asked to pay.
  2. Are they bonded, licensed with sufficient insurance? Verify this information in advance to know whether painting companies abide by their work.
  3. Are they ready to give a list of references upon demand? You will want to identify those references but you will also need to go by a few of the jobs the company has accomplished which will help you to know the quality of their work.
  4. What work ethics and safety principles are adhered to? Ensure the company you are choosing has clear safety policies for employees while working on your property.
  5. What type of preparation work is done before applying paint and will it charge extra? For instance, are the expenses of pressure washing your exterior walls built into the estimation you were given?
  6. What kind of paint will they use and do you have varieties? You will want to guarantee they are using good quality paint so you don’t have to have your home renovated within a few years.
  7. Are the painters real employees? Know if the company uses day laborers or actual employees. In many cases, day laborers work without sufficient background checks which may leave you open to poor paint jobs, theft or even both.
  8. Do they carry out pre and post quality inspections before they commence or after they complete the job? Do they examine the completed work with you or will they grab the check and exit quickly? Is the work certain, if so for how long?

Besides, asking these questions, give special concentration to the way the contractor respond. One way to know if a painting contractor will be punctual in starting and completing work on time is the way they manage your initial contact. When you contact them and if they are open to address your questions it is a good sign that they practice professionalism and first-class customer service.

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