Things to Check while Choosing Home Insurance Policy

Insurance is a convenient way to assist you and your family with the entire property concerns. Home Owner’s Insurance policy takes care of damages resulting from natural calamities like earthquake, water flood, wind lightning, hail, theft etc. In addition to this, these indemnities also protect other expensive household things. Note that these policies are ranged to cover different things under different type of policy that is chosen by homeowner; hence it is the responsibility of the homeowner to find a convenient and an affordable policy that suits all of his/her necessity.

You made a good choice by selecting the best homeowner’s insurance company but if it does not cover the necessary things in your house, it is not an ideal policy to consider. Generally these policies offer the basic coverage of most common perils, but will also protect you from some additional risks related to your  property.

Check Terms and Conditions fine Print

Home Insurance termsEveryone is busy with their work and personal commitments these days, but not going through the fine print can surely cost you money when you least expect it. Though you have specifically discussed with the insurance agent about the coverage that you are expecting, you must verify that your needs are included in the final policy package. If not, you may miss out and may not realize until it is very late to include certain coverage plan, and you may face burdensome expenses when disaster strikes.

Before closing the deal home buyer will have to give attention to their home insurance policy plan. Since the contract can cover multiple items, it is always better to go through the sample copy of policy before you commit.

Match your coverage to your needs

Remember not to buy more protection than you really need even if you have gone through the fine print and have been surely convinced by the protection plan that is proposed by the insurance agent. You can save lump sum amount by paying just for homeowners insurance policies along with adding up some riders that is truly essential.

Avoid Under Insuring the Valuables

Most of the home owner’s insurance policy coverage is limited to certain valuable items like jewelry and ornaments. Valuable personal assets like antique artworks, electronics may not be covered under the homeowners’ policy. Hence to protect against any unexpected theft or loss of stealing things, you can appraise your policy by adding on the valuable personal property insurance policy to which you don’t need to pay any deductible if you have a claim on stolen things. You may save money in the short run by forgoing this coverage but if anything happens to your valuables you’ll end up losing significantly more.


Flood can cause massive damage to your house and the belongings. If you are backed up by the home insurance then you will not be shocked by natural disasters.


Earthquake insurance should also take care of related consequences like landslides, mudslides and sinkholes. Check with your policy plan if it is covered since most of the plans do not include all of them.

Earthquake Insurance

Business Coverage

Home owner’s policy also covers business equipments with a limited liability amount but does not cover any general liability against your business. Recheck on the policy coverage if this coverage is available in your policy.

There are many other things that are normally excluded from the common item coverage of a homeowner’s insurance policy hence check with the coverage policy.

Avoid too much on the Cost Range of Right Policy

While purchasing homeowners insurance policy there is no question that cost is truly important, but it should not be the determining factor. Make sure to compare policies that offer the same benefits and coverage so that you will know you are getting the best service for your investment – policies that have attractive pricing often skimp on the coverage and can cause you to incur greater expenses later on.

It is wise to obtain a policy with more coverage, even though the cost is higher. Moreover, a policy which includes personal property coverage, water damage from bursting pipes and liability is advisable. For the liability coverage there will be typical choices to get. Talk about this with your agent as it is very inexpensive to acquire a higher level of this coverage. For personal property the standard assessment is called “actual cash value”. With that choice you would be paid the reduced value of the property that is stolen or destroyed. You can upgrade to “replacement cost”. With that option you would be paid for the price of new property. It is also suggested to have flood coverage but that in general requires a second policy.

Remember to Review and Update the Policy on Regular Base

You should appraise the policy plan – compare home insurance policies so that you will know that you will be able to get the best service for your investment. Keep your policy plan up to date, ensure to get the updates on any important changes. Most of the policies have upper payout limits for valuable items, hence remember to review and update the policy regularly.

Do not Ignore Security System

If you set up a right security system that can sense fires or thieves, then you can find a reduced rate on your insurance policy.

Increase Deductible

You can reduce the insurance premium to a lower amount by increasing your deductible payment. The deductible is the payment that you are required to pay once you make a claim on your insurance plan. Make sure that you find a good deductible rate for yourself.

Make sure that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for significant repairs or losses. What you may not realize, however, is that although many policies seem similar, they may not be equal when it comes to making a claim. Similarly, home insurance laws vary from state to state, so if you’re planning on moving to a new state, you’ll need to check out the rules and requirements for home insurance in your new state.


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