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  • Dwitham | 04/03/12, 11:14 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    Pros:Decent rates, good Independent Agent system
    Cons:Poor internal systems, poor customer support and it looks like just as bad management
    The Bottom Line: If you use an agent, not a bad way to go. Otherwise find another company. Web site is not hard to navigate, just has little value in today’s world.
    Your best bet with this company is never to deal with them and always go through an agent. They do not have the concept of customer service down yet and it does no look like they ever will.

    Have both Homeowners and Auto with them (Home much cheaper, auto much higher than others but it balance out). Sent the payment with both policy numbers on it and they posted it to the Homeowners and sent cancellation on the Auto. Now mistakes are made but any company that does not have an exception report that points out most people will not willing overpay on a policy by $600+, is a little behind the curve.

    Web site is first generation brochure ware, there back office is put together with kluge configurations of open source, UNIX and Microsoft software that was end of life years ago. The lack of technology in the industry compared to banking and brokerage houses is well known, Cotton States just takes it to another lever of incompetence. This issue is not even technology but more in the area of poor procedures. Any dolt should be trained to raise there hand if a payment generates an excessive credit balance.

    Calling customer service and giving them the information that you wanted to know why they sent the cancellation when they had received the money (canceled check), brought we canceled because you didn’t pay. Going forward that is the issue, “well you should have said that in the first place” brought the let me speak with a supervisor please.

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