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  • christina of metamora | 05/07/12, 10:03 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    I own a 3-story house with a 2nd level deck that used to be a sunroom. My house is very old and the main crossboards are the floorboards for the 2nd level. A few weeks ago, the deck buckled and the top 2 levels of my house shifted causing a great deal of damage. The deck needs to be replaced to stop further damage and for safety. It is our only exit except on the first floor and in the current condition, the deck is not useable. From the deck buckling, it has caused the stairs to the 3rd floor (my children’s bedrooms) to separate, caused my overhangs to all shift, several falling off the house. The floors buckled and it is clearly seen right through the carpet in multiple rooms. Even the roof has collapsed in multiple spots, and it has caused water damage and buckled paneling in the first floor. Also, the doors are no longer shutting properly. We called our insurance company (who we have had since we bought the house) and they sent an agent out who says, “Sorry, we will not replace it or take care of any of the damage except replacing the outlet and paneling on one wall in the first floor”. I said, “What if my house continues to shift and collapses? Lives could be lost and the house destroyed.” He says, “Even if that happens, we will not be responsible because you need to secure the deck”. Then what the heck are insurance companies for? My house is collapsing. My children’s lives are at risk just being here and they will not help! This company has no problem taking my money every month and is supposed to protect their customers when problems arise. If a pipe bursts, they will take care of all damage, but my roof is caving in and my house is collapsing and they won’t do anything!

  • Gary of Milan, OH | 05/15/12, 9:46 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    I have dropped Liberty Mutual in October of 2011 due to their ever increasing rates. My new insurance company advised me that I have roof damage. I contacted a roofing company. They advised me I had storm damage from severe storms the previous year. I contacted Liberty Mutual because they were my insurance company at the time the storms had hit. I advised them that my roofer wanted to be present when they (Liberty Insurance) inspected the roof. The adjuster (Daniel **) told me he likes to wait till spring to do roof inspections. Both my roofer and I were concerned the roof might not wait until spring.

    They sere notified about the problem in January 2012. I called him a couple of weeks later and told him of my concerns. He called my roofer and told them that he would be out in about an hour. My roofer went to my house and the adjuster was already done inspecting my roof. He lied about the time he would be there. He told my roofing company he was only going to buy half the roof and left. I got a check of $1200.00 for a $3700.00 roof! The breakdown of the costs did not cover everything and they (Liberty Mutual) refused to send me a detailed breakdown. They only say everything is rolled into the cost breakdown. My roofer advised me that they have never had a breakdown that does not itemize everything. I contacted **’s supervisor, John **. Trying to talk to him is worse than **. He plays phone tag and refuses to send the breakdown of costs as well. My roofer tried to talk with him. He threatened them by stating that if my roofer tries to give me a discount so I don’t have to pay my deductible, he will have her arrested because a new law is going to be passed for such acts. This guy has no leg to stand on. My roofer said half a roof is no good and they cannot replace only half a roof because they cannot match the shingles or the type used. The insurance company I have now would like to meet with Liberty Mutual, my roofer and I to try and work things out, but they refuse to talk. I advised him that I will file a law suit—and I mean it. Liberty Mutual should be sued for their illegal practices. My policy was paid up at the time and they don’t want to replace the roof because I am no longer a customer of theirs.

  • Sally of Fresno, CA | 01/18/13, 5:47 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    We had water damage to our kitchen, which was reported on November 20, 2012. There was extensive water damage on the interior walls, cabinets and wood floors. Wall, including appliances like microwave, refrigerator, oven, cabinets and countertops, was removed. The mold was removed two weeks after. Since then, the wall has been bare exposing electrical wiring and plywood for over one month. Cold air has been seeping through the wall. Our insurance adjuster said he wasn’t aware that the first contractor had backed out of the job. He stated he doesn’t listen to his entire messages, therefore he never got our message informing him about the contractor stating there was too much controversy with the insurance agent. Therefore he was backing out of the job. He had a second contractor come out. He also gave him an estimate. He has now received two estimates from two separate contractors, yet he has failed to approve repairs as per the estimates. We scheduled a date to meet the insurance agent and the contractor. The appointment was scheduled for today, December 28, 2012. No one called to reschedule nor did anyone show up. At this time, we are seeking legal advice.

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