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  • CARLA of cleveland, OH | 06/25/12, 4:47 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    I had a tragic experience on December 1, 2010. State Farm was a part of this horrible experience. I had a house fire wherein I lost everything except my life. I work 20 miles away. When I was contacted by my daughter that my home was on fire, I raced home and saw the disaster. I was given claims representatives Melissa, Jeanne, and Mike. They expressed their discomfort in helping me restore my home back to its pre-loss condition. I have been awaiting draft issuance since last year on items that were replaced.

  • Steve of Orem, UT | 07/02/12, 4:37 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    My 1.5-year new dishwasher blew a water hose. The water went under the hardwood floors and under the cabinets but we didn’t know about the water until we observed part of the hardwood was showing signs of minor warping in line with the dishwasher. I called my State Farm agent about how to proceed and whether I should file a claim. She said if the damage is less than the deductible, I shouldn’t file the claim. Within two days, the minor warping blossomed into 1 six inch high warp about 8 foot long and three foot wide. Also, we noticed water marks on the ceiling in the basement (below the dishwasher).I called in a plumber to identify the source of the water (didn’t know it was the dishwasher at the time). The plumber couldn’t get to the dishwasher because the floor had warped so much it could be disassembled. The plumber then called out a disaster company who said they had to remove some of the damaged floor to free up the dishwasher. They had me sign a paper giving my consent. When they ripped up the floor near the dishwasher, there was standing water that extended under the flooring and through the black tar paper. The water extended all the way across my kitchen (about 600 sq. ft.). Getting to the dishwasher, they found that the discharge hose had fissured and broke. Behind the dishwasher, they found the wall board had been impregnated with water as well as our custom hardwood cabinets.The disaster company said they would have to mitigate the water damage by pulling up most of the floor and taking out the floor cabinets that had been affected. Most of my kitchen was totaled. I called my State Farm agent to tell her what was going on. I told her I would be filing a claim because the damage with floors and cabinets could be up to $50,000. She said she would file the claim and have an adjuster come out the next day. All of the disaster work was done that night. The kitchen was sealed off with plastic (to keep the heat in) and a dryer and blower was set up both upstairs and downstairs.The State Farm claims agent came out the next day. He met with the disaster people and got very angry with them accusing them of malfeasance in taking the floor up and the cabinets out. They showed him the cabinets and the water damage. They later told me it was apparent to them that the agent was a “hired gun” from State Farm coming with the intent of denying the claim because of the dollar amount. From the moment he came into the house, his attitude and demeanor was one of “I’m going to deny your claim and find a way to do it.”

    Well, the claim was denied and now I’m without a kitchen and will be out about $50,000 to build a new one comparable to what I had a few days ago. The claim was denied because the agent said State Farm does not cover leaks and that I should have noticed the dishwasher leaking. I told him I did when the floor started to warp. I followed up on it as soon as I noticed the damage. He also said because there was a tiny bit of mold behind the dishwasher (mold grows quickly under right conditions, moist, heat, and dark) that the problem had been going on for quite a while. Finally, he said that there had been previous water damage. I told him that about 5 years ago, the safety trap under the sink broke, water went to the ceiling below but we fixed it. And, there was no mold that resulted only a rusted light socket. I also told him we were not filing a claim on that since we fixed it and it was such a small amount. And I said that the floor issue was less than a week old and not related to what happened 5 years ago. Well, I am going to file a lawsuit against State Farm and through media exposure (press conference, media walk-through of my kitchen [very graphic damage], the Internet and social media) make sure that people here in Utah understand how State Farm really operates.

    People need to know that they are not as protected as they think they are I told the agent, when he informed me that I was denied, that I was going to litigate. He told me something very illuminating. He said that the language in my contract was so well crafted and broad related to water damage that they could deny all water damage claims if they wanted to. And if I took it to court, I would be on the hook because of that language and lose. So much for being a “good neighbor” and “State Farm Insurance, peace of mind for today and your future.” I feel I have been defrauded by State Farm and will not rest until I receive full restitution.

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