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  • William, Wellington | 03/20/12, 4:30 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating  
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    “We recently had to file a claim with your company after our home was burglarized in July. Almost 4 months later we have yet to receive any information on our claim. My husband has played phone tag with our Rep. and even had to resort to emails after numerous attempts to get in contact with her. Finally he was able to speak to her and she had not yet even started working on our claim and asked for him to give her another week. The forms that we had to fill out too were ridiculous. We were asked to provide receipts for items weve owned for over 10 years and were asked to give dates and years for when items were purchased and how they were paid for. So basically we are being cheated out of all our valuables worth because when the adjuster tries look up the worth of any itemsengagement ring cameras they will base it off value it is today just because we couldnt provide receipts. even though we did provide proof that the items stolen were owned by us with pictures. I would never recommend this company to anyone and after our claim is processed we are going back to Allstate where they file claims in a timely manner and give us full value for stolen items.”

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